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Today’s gripe is about Driving Ranges.

I think we need to have some discussions about this, and you folks get with the owners and management of the ranges you patronize. Here are my three biggest gripes; and maybe these three items are only present in public ranges and not at the more exclusive Country Clubs. I just don’t know so fill me in.

1. Almost all of the ranges I’ve visited have gone to not allowing golfers to hit off their tees and off the turf. Without doing this a golfer doesn’t really know what to expect from his clubs. Get with the program, is replacement sod really that expensive? Come on, give us what we need to get the best results from our testing of our equipment. Who wants to hit off of the rubber tees that are usually torn up, or hit off of the carpeting that is nothing like real terra cotta. Golf balls were intended to be hit off of mother-earth and not carpeting.

2. Where are the accurate markers? I don’t just go to the range to hit drives and 3 Woods. Poles colored to indicate 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 just don’t get it. I’m also there to work on my irons. Do they really think I’m going to hit my gap wedge 150 yards? And even on the longer shots; don’t they think we need to know (for real) if your 5 Wood is going 180 or 220 including roll.

3. What are we, Sardines? Why do they have up on top of each other? Give us some elbow room. And what about safety concerns for errant shots. I’ve had more than one occasion in my life where someone at the range (or on the course) hookwormed a shot and it came directly straight off the toe at a 90 degree angle. Have a little consideration for us.

I went to a range the other day and it was pathetic. The hitting area was elevated so high that I couldn’t even see any ball hit less than 110 yards to even try to guess where it landed using my Wedge or 9 iron. Plus the elevated platform does not give any kind of true measurement. Anyone knows that a ball being hit off of a cliff travels farther than one hit on the flat. Again, I want accurate distance readings when calibrating my club selecting. If I’m hitting to a par 3, 170 on the flat, I want to know what club I should be using. Even if the terrain of the range is up hill I can better judge than hitting from a plateau.

So, that’s my thought for the day. Reply and give everyone your input, and get this topic in front of the management at your favorite range too..


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