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Get Rid of Your Old Clubs and Equipment?

Too many people are too quick to give (or sell) their clubs and equipment to a friend or relative after they purchase new clubs and equipment. I have to plead guilty to this too. There have been way too many times that I would be so excited to get new irons, or a new driver, or a new golf bag, and then run off and sell my old stuff before I gave myself a couple of years to make sure that the old isn’t better than the new. Also consider that most of the newer golf items come with a 30 or 60 day return policy if you are not satisfied with it. It’s hard to make yourself return and unwanted item if you’ve already gotten rid of your old equipment.

I’m not saying that you need to keep the old stuff for years and years like I now do, but two years never hurt anyone. I’ve got at least five complete sets of irons, woods and bags, along with hundreds of different balls. Keep in mind though, any time friends or family come in from out of town and want to play golf, I can let them select from several quality sets of clubs, and any one of at least 15 different drivers. Short drivers, mid length, brand name, no name, belly putters and blades. Take your pick.

And another thing to keep in mind. It’s not always the equipment, sometimes it’s you. I’ve had clubs that I just couldn’t use effectively. I put them away in my supplies, dig them out two or three years later, and low and behold they are wonderful clubs. Maybe I’ve gotten stronger (not likely) or maybe I’ve gotten weaker and I’m no longer over swinging the club. Maybe I’ve learned something new about my stance, swing plane, grip or whatever that now makes this club ideal. After all, there is probably a really good reason that I can get what I need out of a $300 driver that is the rage with everyone else. I’ve got a custom made Taylor Made Burner that felt great and hit great in the pro-shop, but I’ve never been able to get anything out of it on the course. Maybe two years from now it will be ideal. Who knows?

My most recent booboo was with a new golf bag. I had a great one with plenty of room for all the golf paraphernalia that I like to carry. Two sets of shoes, a change of cloths, food, balls, sunglasses, suntan lotion, etc. etc. But when I bought a new K.C. Chiefs bag that looked just as big, I quickly sold my old bag to a golfing buddy that had admired it for a couple of years. After trying to load everything up into the new bag I was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t quite big enough for all my stuff. Not only didn’t it hold as much, but because of the placement of all the pockets and how it sits in the golf cart it actually takes up more room in the cart, and this makes everything in it are harder to get at, especially if the other rider also has a large bag.

I love the looks of the bag. It’s quite distinctive in appearance and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. But in all reality the old bag as better and I wish I still had it. I could have kept the old bag and returned the Chiefs Bag, and got back about $300. Hopefully live and learn. And maybe you can learn from my premature rash behavior with the “For Sale” signs.

Give me your feedback and let me know what you think, love to hear from you!


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