Driving Tips 10-5-17

Here are a few tips that I know will come in useful.

I came onto an article in Golf Easy Magazine dated August 2017.

I read the article and took a few notes, but I did not see the name of the author, so I’m assuming that possibly it was a staff article that did not get credit to any particular author.

What I really liked about the article and the tips were that they were simple enough for anyone to remember, and seemed very practical.  The made sense to me even without trying them on the course.  I have played three (3) rounds of golf using these tips, and for me they have certainly worked.  I am no longer feeling like every shot is simply hit and hope for positive results.

During this discussion, please keep in mind that I am discussing this as a right handed golfer, and since the majority of golfers are right handed, that’s how we will discuss this.

Tip One:

The picture that I have posted with these tips clearly show a couple of the tips.  The first thing is to lower your right shoulder considerably.  The best was to do this is simply to address your ball, then lower your right hand to your knee, then reach out, grab the club, and you’re ready to go with increased power in your drive.

The next thing you’ll notice about the picture is that you can see the back of the left hand at address.  This is what is referred to as a strong grip.  Unless you naturally hit severe hook shots, this grip is always recommended for increased power, to avoid hitting to the one or two o’clock positions, and to eliminate slicing.  I guarantee you, with a strong grip you can not hit a slice unless you are falling back on your swing instead following through as you need to do.

Tip Two:

Hip work. Start you backswing from the hip down.  The first movement (not radical) must be with the hip beginning the move, then when keeping the right leg solid like a post that you are wrapping your body around.  This coiling action adds a tremendous about of power to your shots.  When you begin your downswing the most important aspect of power is your hands. YOU MUST SWING YOUR HANDS.  Do not swing the club head.  This is called “Casting”.  Casting throws your power right out the window and you lose total control of where your ball will be going.  This is simply feel.  You can feel if your are trying to guide the clubhead to the ball rather than swinging your hands. When swinging your hands your body will feel tight and controlled rather than swinging a wide arch around your body.  Swinging your hands also helps most golfers to hit down on their balls when making iron shots, especially the short irons.

Tip Three:

We are assuming that you are now following Tip One, and Tip Two.  Now go ahead and let it rip.

I know that these tips will help.  They’re simple, and they have really helped me.  I have been suffering from severe arthritis in my shoulders for the past several years. The arthritis was so severe that I had actually given up golf for a while.  With these tips (and the CBD oil that I reviews earlier in the Blog) I have been able to play again and really put the zest back into my game.


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