The Chipper

This is one of the specialty clubs that I really like. I am a little torn as to where to place this information.  I would like to put in the “Review” section since it is a review, but I decided to put it in the main blog since I have had this club for a number of years.  You can normally purchase a used one for about $10 but a new one is $30 or less.

I wish the picture shown here showed the bevel on the front better than it does. This picture looks more like a putter, but it actually has about a 45 degree front for popping the ball up.

There are two things that I really love about this specialty club. I find it ideal when working from around the green for those tough approach shots that cost strokes when the wedge or say a 7 iron fail you.

#1  The lay, face and aim area exactly like a putter.  This helps most golfers get more in line with the cup than with a 7  iron, or a wedge.  Aim it at the hole an hit with the same power that you would putt it if you were on the green from the same distance.  That’s all there is to hitting this toward the hole.

#2  The truth is;  most golfers are not really that good at the very short approach shots.  It seems like they leave the ball short of the hole, or skull the ball and send it off the far side of the green.  With this club you simply use the same power and direction that you would use a putter.

I must point out a couple of tips to this club.  You MUST place the ball further back in your stance because you need to chop the ball and pop it up, rather than scooping the ball.  The other thing is that my entire motion and power comes from the flip of the wrist. Unlike a wedge or 7 iron where the golfer uses a reduced power back stroke.  You’ll have less concerns with power and direction. This wedge and 7 iron motion is what frequently messes up the amateur golfer by causing them to dig in behind the ball for a shot short of the green, or hitting the ball in the middle and sending it flying across the green.

This club is also excellent if your ball is in a situation where the ball is laying of a uphill bank, and the pin placement is close to the bank.  The golfer wants the ball to barely hit the green and then stop before rolling off the green, or 40 fee past the cup. With a little practice you can pup the ball up so it lands barely onto the green.

I suppose a person could use this club for chipping of distances greater than 20 feet from the green, but I don’t.  You’ll learn what you can and can not do with it.

Great golfing and more fun.



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