Life is Tough

Life is tough.  Anyone much older than 30 will testify to that.  It doesn’t seem to matter who we are, how wealthy or poor we are, or our education level.  Life is tough.  We have money woes, family problems, health issues, weather devastation and any other number of  things that impact our lives. We know the old saying,  “We all have our cross to bear.”

My thought for today is a little different.  I was watching TV the other night and something on TV made me think about many of the celebrities I have known over the years and I just thought that I would share an observation that I’m sure most people are unaware of.  I’m sure most people are of a frame of mind that anyone who is wealthy or famous doesn’t have a care in the world. After all, if you have money and notoriety what have you got to complain about?

The truth is we’re all people, and we all have to live in this world.  No one is exempt from illness, family woes, financial obligations of all kinds, desires and ambitions, and mother nature. And in many instances and in many ways the wealthy and the celebrity have it much harder than the “normal” working class American because people in general are much more judgemental and unforgiving with the celebrity.  It’s often a “no win situation”.

The country western singer and pianist Mickey Gilley invited me to go out with him one evening to have dinner and then to go to a local bar for drinks. This bar always had a band and dancing for folks. Mickey and I had played golf together many times, and it was pretty much just like playing with anyone else, but this certainly wasn’t the case when doing a simple things like going out to dinner and having a few drinks. ( And what I’m about to tell you about applies to almost all celebrities.)

First of all, Mickey always has to travel with an entourage of all his band member and production crew. Even going to a modest priced restaurant costs him a fortune by most standards. And of course, it’s expected that he will be picking the tab. And it’s even worse at the bar.  Those with the celebrity pretty much expect that this will be open tab for all, plus the other patrons at the bar also expect free drinks and appetizers. And of course, the bar owner always expects the celebrity to perform a few free songs for the folks too.

But the worse part isn’t the expense.  The worst part is people’s attitudes. If the celebrity picks up all the tabs, people stick up their noses and say “Look at this big man, showing off by picking up everyone’s tab.”,  and if he doesn’t people make snide remarks about how  ” We make this guy rich and famous and he won’t even buy us a lousy beer.”  It’s a no win situation.  It seems like anything and everything that comes up people expect them to dole out the money, and when they do they get criticized for doing it, or for not doing enough. I have heard it said that “People love success; but hate successful people.”, regretfully this is true too many times.

Any way, the whole purpose of this tirade is simply to point out that all people are just people.  Race, religion, poverty, celebrity and physical limitations will not differentiate one from another with our basic desires.  We all have to exist in this world and suffer the same possible challenges that life will throw at us.  What I like to look at where people are concerned is this.  If a person does their BEST to earn an honest living, look out for their families, try of achieve their own goals, and fit into OUR society, I try not to judge them and I believe that they have the right to live their own life the way they want, and hold their head high.



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