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Normally anytime you hear me referring to any golfer that does any aspect of the game “perfect” you will notice that I normally refer to something being done by Ben Hogan. Today is the exception to Mr. Hogan.  The posted picture of the perfect set up for your drive, and the pictured player is the 6 time Long Drive Champion Jack Hamm.

The posted photo has three critical aspects show in the photo.  What is not shown is the ball location and the height of which he tees it up.  Jack tees the ball up to where approximately 1/2 the ball is above the club head.  His location of just back from his lead heel.  These two things you’ll have to work out for yourself; so I am going to concentrate on what perfect aspects of the drive are shown in the photo.

First of all, look at that wonderful drop of his right arm.  With this drop of the shoulder how could her ever possibly hit a low flying ball.  His lift will be incredible.  I don’t think you’ll ever see a better example of the proper drop of the right shoulder.

Second: the is grip.  This show wonderfully how a strong golf grip will look.  The only way a golfer could ever slice using this grip would be if the fall back on the follow through instead of coming through the ball.  Without coming through the ball you’ll not only slice your shot, but you will never be able to maintain balance.

Thirdly: please pay attention to Jack’s left elbow.  His elbow is NOT locked straight.  It has a slight bend to it. This allows strength in the drive, yet you keep the flexibility you need. Never lock your left elbow, the result will be disastrous to long drives.

Fourth:  Look at the knees.  Slightly bend.  Again, this is for flexibility.  No way can you hit with any real power if your knees are not bent.

Please study this photo and review it before going to the driving range, or to play your round.


Good golfing and good times.


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