Slow Play

We all know that slow play can be exasperating, so I’m not going to beat it to death.  We all know that golf balls are getting to where they are costing more and more, but lets get in touch with reality.  A lost ball is a lost ball.  If you can’t find in 2-5 minutes drop down and keep playing.

The other big time delay is on the putting surface.  None of us are playing the PGA.  None of us are putting for $10,000, so let’s move it along.  Use the three foot circle.  Three foot front, back and sides means that all you have to do is to land inside of a 6 foot by 6 foot circle.  Make the first put land within three foot of the cup in any direction, and you’ll make 90% of your next putts. Try this, and you’ll be amazed just how good it actually works.

The best advice we can give about this is the same advice we’d give about driving your car.  Pay attention what is going on around you and keep things moving along.  Don’t be talking on your cell phones, don’t be getting fall down drunk, don’t be playing grab ass with others and don’t be driving in circle.  But the biggest time saver on the golf course is exactly what is told in this cartoon…………….do things like everyone else.

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