Here is my review of the new GX7 Driver.
I actually think of this as more of a 2 1/2 Wood

This product has been heavily advertised, and I’m sure most golfers have seen their adds one way or another. You can find it on the Golf Channel and any number of advertisements on Facebook and Social Mediums.

I purchased this club about a month ago for $200 plus tax. Over the past 10 or more years I keep losing yards on my drives. I’ve changed drivers and shafts a number of times, but I just don’t feel comfortable with any of the new drivers that I have tried, and I don’t know about you, but these new big headed drivers make me feel like I’m trying to swing a big balloon or a beach ball, and they make me feel like I’m casting my clubhead rather than swinging my hands as we are supposed to do.

In my opinion the GX7 is a 14 degree 2 1/2 wood with a much smaller head than the newer drivers, and special features that allow excellent properties for hitting from the fairways too. This club is excellent off the deck. The head is off-set for greater visibility when lining up and the sole is elongated, rounded and weighted more to the back and down.

I purchased the senior shaft because my swing speed is only about 85 MPH. The club comes with a grip that is smaller like an iron but a little too hard for my liking. The length of this club is considerably shorter than the typical driver too, again more like a long iron.

I had taken the new GX7 and my traditional driver to the driving range to compare against one another. My first dozen drivers with the GX7 were less than exciting. I was frankly quite disappointed in it. Then I decided to use the club like I had seen on the advertisements for the GX7. They suggest that the ball be teed up no more than 1/4 ball above the club face. They said to place the ball a few inches off your heel, more like half way between the heel and the center of your stance, and swing more like a 7 iron.

As soon as I did this it was a different story.

The GX7 out drove my driver by about 15-20 yards. I’m assuming this is because of all the built in features. It gave increased height, greater roll, greater clubhead speed, and a more controlled execution of the shots. The balls flew straight and I had more consistent control both off the tee and out of the fairway. The shots were very impressive.

A few days later I played my first round using the GX7 for drives and long fairway shots. The results on the course were equal to those on at the driving range, only better. The more I used the club the more comfortable and confident I became. I will add something else to my recommendations. I found I got greater results when I used a stronger grip and closed the club face slightly. It’s easy to close the face since this club has excellent visibility to the face, and a golfer does not have to worry about closing the face too much.

I personally wouldn’t say it swings like a 7 iron. Unless you want to lose lots of yardage, but it is an effective Wood. My final comments are that I would purchase this again, and I do recommend it to my friends and those reading my Blog.