About Us

We’re a bunch of golfers that  believe golf is fun; or at least it’s supposed to be .

I’m pretty sure the majority of people who will be reading this Blog are not PGA Tour pros. I’m willing to bet that most readers even use “Winter Rules” or even hitting from the Senior tees.  There’s even a good chance that my readers will be in the 90% of golfers that never break 100.

These weekend players are the players that this Blog is written for. The goal of this Blog is to give my fellow golfers a few laughs, some entertainment, and hopefully something to shave at least a few strokes.  Let’s all have a good time sharing our golfing highlights and laughs. And we might even be able to put out some useful information that will improve your or fellow golfers game on occasions.

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So, be sure and share our blog with all your friends so they won’t miss out on all the fun and opportunities. Remember asliceofgolf.net, easy to remember and I promise you, your friends will thank you for being so thoughtful.