Bobby Jone Hybrids by Jesse Ortiz (2 Clubs)


Here is the bargain of all bargains.  We are selling two (2) Bobby Jones Hybrids by renowned club maker Jesse Ortiz.  These clubs sold new for about $180 each. These are some of the best hybrids on the market today.

Some folks hit the hybrids naturally, but some golfers find the heads a little heavy.  The key to hitting hybrids is to hood the club, or hit with a very strong grip.  The other key is to make sure you hit down on the ball.  Do not try to slide into the ball, or scoop it.

Seller is selling both the H3 (30 degree) and the H5 (24 degree) hybrids.  Both clubs come with head covers and are in good shape.  They do show some slight wear, but nothing that will effect how they will perform.

Price for these two clubs includes shipping and tax