Dr. Black

All work should be considered FICTION whether true or not.



” Dr. Black ”

Unnamed Author



Who is Dr. Black?


Dr. Jason Black.  What a distinguished title that was,  even though it wasn’t always the title he used!  Depending on which title was more advantageous at the time, Jason Black would refer to himself as Dr. Black, or Reverend Black.  Dr. Black had received his PHD as a Psychologist. He also had a Doctor of Divinity degree and was a minister within the Deist Church.

As a Deist, Reverend Black’s work did not depend upon his ministering to only one congregation at any one church location. This situation suited Dr. Black to a tee since he thoroughly enjoyed traveling and preferred never staying in one city too long. Dr. Black enjoyed extensive travel around the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Dr. Black was not exceptionally handsome, but he had a real presence about him. He was five foot ten inches tall and 160 pounds. He kept himself toned and fit. He looked like the athlete he had always been. His hair was blond and he wore a distinctive goatee; very charismatic.

Dr. Black was born and raised in the greater Kansas City area, and this was the home base for both his theology work and his psychology work.   He rarely spent more than two months at a time in KC, but he always felt the most comfortable when there, even though he had two other residences as well.

Whenever Dr. Black was working with any of his brethren he was mostly referred to as Reverend, but sometimes as Doctor, especially when being introduced to a congregation or any group of people for the first time. If someone wanted to make a particularly strong influence on the congregation they might even refer to him as the Reverend/Doctor Black.

Doctor/Reverend Black had just finished speaking as a guest speaker at a Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama, The First Birmingham Christian Church was a lovely old structure, painted white, and had a tall steeple with a resounding bell.

This was a non-denominational Christian Church that believes in the teachings of Christ as set forth in the New Testament. The Reverend Black had been invited to speak to the congregation as an educator. One of the Church’s Deacons had heard of Deism in conjunction with the fact that several of the Founding Fathers of the United States were Deists.  Because of this the Deacons thought the congregation might find the subject interesting.  Not that they believed that it had any direct impact on their religious beliefs, but this particular congregations enjoyed learning about all sorts of religious beliefs.

The Reverend Black was happy to speak with them.  The First Birmingham Christian Church members were happy to pay his fee as well as all of the travel and overhead expenses for the Reverend. This was customary under these circumstances and frankly  how the Reverend made a substantial portion of his living.

The evening before the Sunday Service Reverend Black met with the Board of Deacons and their Minister, the Reverend Dave Harper. The purpose of this meeting was so that Reverend Black could learn more about the deacons and the congregation, not so they could learn more about him. He never wanted to alienate any congregation unnecessarily. Reverend Black needed to know just how liberal this congregation is, along with its leadership too. He needed to be certain about what their codified teachings were. Just how embedded were they in the teachings of the New Testament.  Exactly how open minded is the majority of the congregation.  All of this was important so that Dr. Black did not step on any toes more than necessary.

Whenever Reverend Black is introduced to any congregation and given the podium he does as most speakers do and started off with a little clean joke to lighten up the group. This particular joke is clean, but just a little bid ornery.

“I want to tell you folks a story about the wisdom that comes with age. There was this old farmer that had a pond with berry bushes surrounding it. One hot summer day he decided that he would go down to the pond and pick some berries, so he picked up his bucket and headed down to the pond. As he approached the pond he heard splashing, laughing and giggling. He knew he hadn’t given anyone permission to swim in his pond so he crept up behind the berry bushes to see who it was. He pushed some limbs aside to see who was swimming in his pond, and low and behold there was group of young women skinny dipping in his pond. About that time one of the women saw him and screamed. The old farmer calmly lifted up the berry bucket and told the women  ” Don’t pay any attention to me; I’m  only here to feed the alligators.”

The congregation roared with laughter and he had their undivided attention.


Reverend Black began his lecture. “I want to make a few things perfectly clear to everyone from the get go.

“First;  I am here to educate you kind folks about Deism.   I am not here to convert.  As a Deist I do not believe that my beliefs are right, and your beliefs are wrong.

Secondly;  Deist do profess to have various religious philosophies, but we do not profess to ‘Know’ anything for a certainty.  If your ideas about God are different than mine, I will never  take the stand that your are wrong and I am right. I have no way of knowing what beliefs are right, and what beliefs are wrong. All I can put forth is what I believe.

Thirdly; we, as a group, do not oppose the teachings of Jesus Christ.   Most Deists believe in reincarnation whereas Christian teachings  propose that the soul is transported to heaven or hell upon death.  But even this will differ from one Christian belief to another since some churches support the idea of a Purgatory. ”

From there the Reverend Black had about a 30 minute oration.  The long and short of it was that a large percentage of the Founding Fathers were indeed Deists. As a majority, the Deist believes that there is a Supreme Being, and a Creator. They do not attempt to explain or define that being, and they do not attempt to limit that being.

The Founding Fathers put such emphasis on the phrase “In God we Trust” with the main emphasis being on the word trust.  Because these Founding Fathers believed God, (whoever and whatever he is), created the world, and it is up to man to see to it that Governments do not destroy what God has started. The goal in Deism is to always strive for kindness, love and to make the world a better place.

Of the Founding Fathers that were Deists, they knew that the majority of their beliefs about government were extremely progressive, and some safeguards and changes will have to come as time goes by.   A society can only initiate so many drastic changes at one time. People will have to be patient for more progressive changes as time goes along.  Humanity always takes a certain length of time to adjust to change, but if these changes are for the betterment of our society American’s will come to accept them.

Reverend Black was well received and the congregation was pleased that he had come and further explained Deism to them. Several of the flock said that they now felt that they had a much better understanding and respect of the Founding Fathers and why they did what they did, and said what they said.





The Trip Home


The following morning Dr/Reverend Black was on his way to the airport and heading back to Kansas City.   Dr. Black had learned early in his career that even if he was flying coach,  he received better service and more consideration from the Stewardess and other passengers as Doctor.  Because of the perks associated with the title of Doctor, Reverend/Doctor Black always traveled as “Doctor Black”, rather than Reverend Black.

The non-stop 747 flight from Birmingham to KCI in Kansas City was a little over two hours with no unexpected delays in taking off or landing. Today was going smoothly and Dr. Black was having a pleasant trip, and had some interesting conversations with the stewardesses. The flight was about 45 minutes from Kansas City when there was an announcement over the intercom,

“We have an expectant mother in first class that has gone into labor. Are there any OBGYN doctors on the Flight? If so, would you would please come to first class as soon as possible. Thank you.”

A few minutes later one of the Stewardesses approached Dr. Black and asked if he had heard the announcement?  He said he had but that he’s not that kind of doctor. The stewardess practically screamed, “I don’t care what kind of a doctor you are. We have a young woman in distress and if someone doesn’t do something quickly she’s going to die.”

Clearly the flight crew was in full panic mode. Dr. Black decided to see if there were anything he could do to help. He had seen a few deliveries in his life. He’d seen the delivery of his three children and a couple of his grandchildren. Child birth didn’t look like that big of a deal. Dr. Black assumed that the young stewardesses were just panicking because this was their first in-flight delivery. He followed her to the first class section to see what he could do ( if anything ) to help.

While approaching first class he could hear the mother screaming with excruciating pain.  She was indeed in a dire situation. He found out her name is Julie. Julie was a petite young woman in her twenties, plain but attractive. He could see that she appeared be dilated to a 10, or more, because vaginal tearing had occurred. After a brief examination Dr. Black could see clearly that the baby was trying to crown, but something didn’t look right. Dr. Black realized that the baby was breech.

Dr. Black knew that the baby had to be turned before delivery could proceed, but he had no knowledge of how to do it.  None of the deliveries he’d ever witnessed were breech.  Dr. Black knew the most important thing was to keep himself, the stewardesses and the patient as calm as possible. Fortunately Dr. Black had studied hypnosis a little. He knew Julie would not be able to be hypnotized in her current state, but he wanted to use the same calming techniques for her. He spoke to her calmly, slowly, and in a somewhat deeper, more assuring and authoritative voice. He knew this would have a positive effect on Julie and the two panicking stewardesses.

“Alright Sweetie,” he said.

“I’m here for you and we are going to get through this together. I want you to know that there is going to be some pain involved, but only for a short period, and I’m going to do everything in my power to minimize it for you. Your baby is breech and we are going to have to turn it, together.  Are you with me?”

”Yes. Just save my baby.”

“I will Julie, I promise.”

Dr. Black had no idea why he had made that promise. To him a promise is a sacred oath that should never be made unless you know you can, and will, live up to it.

The first thing Dr. Black thought to do was to draw on his own personal experiences to attempt to ascertain what he could do to help Julie and ameliorate the situation. Since Dr. Black had suffered from rock hard chronic constipation his entire life. His MD had told him that when he was having a particularly difficult time of getting things to “Move along”, he should concentrate on relaxing and massage his stomach. This is what he decided to do with Julie.

“Okay Julie. I know this is asking a lot of you, but you must put yourself in as much of a trance as you possibly can, and do everything in your power to relax. Your baby is breech and we have to push it back up the birth canal and turn it so you can deliver. We cannot have any contractions pushing the baby forward while I try to massage your stomach and turn the baby while pushing it back up in the birth canal. DO NOT PUSH.  This is critical, do you understand?”


“Are you still with me?”

“Yes, just save my baby.” She said again.

“I’m going to save you both Julie.” Said Dr. Black

Julie was incredible. Her ability to relax under these circumstances was nothing short of a miracle.  Dr. Black began to gently massage her stomach. He did this much like kneading bread dough. After a few minutes he began feeling results and began to massage a little more aggressively.  Dr. Black began trying to push the baby up into the birth canal. Having succeeded at this he decided it was time to attempt to rotate the baby in the womb.

The baby had begun to rotate then stopped. Something was stopping it from rotating. Dr. Black deduced that it had to be the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s throat. Dr. Black had no other choice; he inserted his fingers into Julie’s vagina, and past the baby’s shoulders. Dr. Black was glad that he had somewhat longer fingers. The umbilical was wrapped around the baby’s throat. He was able to unwind the cord without too much difficulty, then he gave a slight push and the baby finished his rotation, and was now head down.

When Dr. Black announced to the stewardesses that the baby was turned, cheers erupted.  Julie delivered almost instantly. She had a son. Dr. Black had already requested blankets, and had the staff alert the airport to have medical personnel ready to receive the new mom and baby.

Dr. Black knew there was no hurry to cut the cord, so he wrapped the mother, baby and placenta in a blanket, and had them ready for transport as soon as the 747 landed at KCI. The plane landed safely and all passengers were instructed to remain seated while medical personnel were brought on to the plane to attend to Julie.

An elderly man ran onto the plane with his doctor’s bag, and began frantically hugging Julie.

Julie was crying out “Daddy, daddy, daddy.”

Dr. Black was informed that Julie’s father was an OBGYN.  He thought to himself  ” How Lucky  for Julie. She’ll get the absolute best medical care, and get it right now.

Julie was in tears.  She looked at Dr. Black and told her father that she wanted him to meet the man that had saved her and her baby.

Until this point Dr. Black had been standing behind the elderly doctor and hadn’t seen his face.  Dr. Black did think that the man’s voice did have a familiar ring to it, but many elderly men have a voice somewhat like this.  When the man turned around Dr. Black could see that Julie’s father was none other than Dr. Maser;  Dr. Jason Black’s own family doctor as a child. This was the same Doctor Maser who had saved Jason’s  life as an infant when he was a breech birth baby.

All work should be considered FICTION whether true or not.


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