Flight 606


All works should be considered FICTION whether true or not.

” Flight 606 “

Unnamed Author



Ron Frank was a likeable guy.  Almost everyone that met him had the feeling that they wanted to like him.  Ron was 42, but looked more like 30. He was just under six foot tall, medium built with dark hair and light brown eyes.  He wasn’t especially handsome, but he had a pleasant face with a broad warm smile.  Ron was the type of person that always looked into the other person’s eyes when talking to them, and this too usually makes people feel more comfortable and confident with him, he was the kind of a person that people liked to like.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Psychic, Premonitions, fortune telling, prophesying, or whatever a person wants to call it, Ron Frank had always known what was going to happen before it did where his life and safety were concerned. He also had an uncanny second sense about people’s reliability and trustworthiness.   He just always knew who was not to be trusted, or who was going to try and take advantage of himself or someone in his family.  Also, Ron could tell a person what time it was within about 15 minutes without ever looking at a clock or wearing a watch no matter how long it had been since he had seen a clock.   His wife always thought it was very cool that they could wake up in the morning and he could tell her what time is was, usually within five minutes.

He never concerned himself with what the meteorologist had to say either, because he knew what the weather was going to do better than they did. Ron, his family and his friends knew all this and liked to rely on him.  If the family were making any kind of major purchase, or spending big money on investments; Ron was always consulted first.

Ron had learned over the years, obviously, to always listen to those premonitions. There had been a few times when he was younger that he had not listened, and it always bit him in the butt.

Ron’s psychic abilities started very young.  He was devoutly religious and prayed frequently. He always ending the day with a long prayer and frequently fell asleep while praying.  His prayers were actually more like meditation even though he didn’t know what meditation was.  No one ever knew if this religious fervor had anything to do with Ron’s abilities, but they just always assumed that it did. After all, the gift had to come from some where.

In 1956, when Ron was eight years old, his family made a trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles, California to visit Ron’s Dad’s Aunt Hazel. His dad had lived with his aunt, off and on, for the first fourteen of his childhood and considered her a second mother. He lived the majority of his younger years in Clinton, Missouri, then a couple of years in Kansas City, Missouri and then went to live with her for a year in Los Angeles, California. But even having lived in L.A. for a number of years, he was only 15 when he finally moved back to K.C., didn’t drive, and didn’t know the area of L.A. all that well.

When the family arrived in L.A., they couldn’t find Aunt Hazel’s house, or even her neighborhood. They had driven around for a couple of hours and everyone was getting  tired and hungry.  Ron piped up and said that he knew how to get to Aunt Hazel’s house.  His Dad told him to sit back and shut up, but Ron’s Mom said that his Dad should do as the boy said.

“After all, we’re already lost,” she suggested that they humor him.

Ron gave them detailed directions; he described her bungalow that was white and trimmed with blue shutters and a small front porch with rod iron railing. There were orange and lemon fruit trees in the front yard, and a chain link fenced yard in the back. He even described a couple of the interior decorations. There was to be a Black Panther porcelain figurine on the coffee table, and a big star shaped clock in the living room.  Ron also told them that Aunt Hazel had a grouchy old landlord that was bald, wore glasses, and walked with a slight limp and a cane.  Aunt Hazel was not to like the next thing that Ron told them.  He told everyone that Aunt Hazel had gotten a black and brown Boston Bull Terrier for a birthday present for his Dad.

Dad followed the directions exactly as Ron gave them to him. Turn by turn until they arrived at Aunt Hazel’s house.  Ron’s Dad went to the door with great trepidation and knocked.  The door opened, and there stood Aunt Hazel.  Everything was exactly as Ron had said it would be; including the puppy.

Ron’s Mom looked at him in amazement and asked him, “How did you know all this?” Ron looked at her and said “I could see it all in my mind, except in my mind Aunt Hazel didn’t live here, but I still knew that this is where we were supposed to go.”

He pulled his Mom down to his level so he could whisper in her ear without anyone else hearing, “Dad is going to name the puppy Buster.” Mom kept this to herself, and sure enough, Dad named the dog Buster.

Ron continued having minor premonitions, but his next big event was when he was twelve. The family was all in bed asleep when Ron suddenly woke up. He ran to his Mom and Dad’s bedroom and started insisting that he and his Dad had to get out of the house as quickly as possible. Now, keep in mind that this was dead of winter in K.C. and it was about 20 degrees outside, and everyone was warm and snug in their beds.  Going outside was certainly not anything Dad wanted to do.

Again, Mom insisted that Dad listen to Ron. You see, Mom too had psychic abilities, but hers always came to her in dreams only, and not while in the waking state.  The father and son stood outside for about five minutes and then Ron said they could go back inside now.  His Dad was very perturbed, but didn’t say much. When they got back inside their telephone was ringing. This was extremely rate for 12:15  Midnight.  Dad went pale and looked over at Ron and his Mom.  It seems that Ron’s Dad’s Father (Ron’s Grandfather) , and Ron’ Dad’s youngest brother Ron’s Uncle, who was about Ron’s age, had been sleeping in the same bedroom when someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window and caught both father and son on fire, burning them severely.   Ron told the family that he had seen this in his mind, but he thought it was to be himself and his Father that were in danger, not his Grandfather and young Uncle.

Nothing special went on for the next five years.  Of course there were minor premonitions almost every day, of course, but when Ron was 17 years old, the family had moved and was living in a more rural section of town.  Ron had gotten out of high school for the day and was driving home. This was a crisp, clear winter day and all the windows were up and the heater was running in the family station wagon.  As he approached a small bridge not too far from home, he suddenly had the feeling that he should get out of the vehicle immediately.  Ron did not hear see or smell anything out of the ordinary.  There was no indication that anything was wrong, but Ron slammed on the brakes and got out of the vehicle in the middle of the bridge. As soon as he shut the driver’s door he heard a “Wooof”, sound and fire shot from the firewall all the way back to the rear window of the station wagon.   This  blew out every window in the car except the front windshield. Ron sustained no injury; not even the smallest scratch.

Another aspect of the Frank family was that Ron, and all his family, had a positive connection with numbers and their constantly recurring theme. This thing with numbers applied to Ron’s birth family and also with his own wife and children as he grew into adulthood.

Ron’s birthday was on the 6th, his wife was born on the 6th, and their anniversary was 6-6-69.   Ron, his wife and all their three children were born in the six o’clock hour, and all of them weighed six pounds and some odd ounces at birth. And Ron’s mother was born in June (the sixth month). Ron’s dad did not follow the number six theme, but he was born on 8-8-28, and was the eighth born child in his family. This “thing” about numbers was always to play a significant factor in Ron’s life.

Tragedy struck when Ron was a senior in high school. While playing varsity football Ron sustained a major head injury after running full speed into a metal goal post located on the goal line. (Yes, they used to do this in the 60s) His helmet had been pulled off by an opponent, and his head was totally unprotected at the time of impact. Ron had total amnesia for several weeks. As Ron went on in life he realized that the head injury had also appeared to have severally  limited his psychic abilities. He would occasionally have a premonition, but that was all that is was; a premonition. There were no longer any psychic movies in his head with great detail and useful information, it usually just felt like a hunch.  This was very disheartening for Ron.





Ron grew up to become a design Engineer. He was meticulous in his work and in his evaluations of the structure that he designed. He was not necessarily a student of feng shui, but it was not totally uncommon for Ron to insist on changing how the building was to sit on the property, where doors were to be located, and the need for open air spacing. He was frequently a pain in the ass to people, but he did such great work, and his projects always turned out so successful, that people tolerated his insistence. His other insistence that was harder for property owners to tolerate was his demands for construction tolerances that were above the national recommendations. For example, it didn’t matter to Ron that the building codes said a 2X6 Hem Fir would have a modulus of elasticity that would allow it to span 13 foot six inches, if he wanted to use a 2X8 instead that is what they would have to use, regardless of the additional cost.

Ron didn’t particularly like to travel.  He especially did not like to fly, but he frequently had to travel for his job, especially if he were the head of the project.  Ron was project manager for this particular project and his boss had informed Ron that there was a very important meeting the end of June and  that he needed to attend the Dallas meeting.  It seems that the owners were getting jittery about the project, and the boss did not want to lose the contract.  This would require Ron to fly to Dallas and put their minds at ease.

Checking the flight information on the computer to book his flight, Ron saw something that he felt wonderful about. The flight was in June (the 6th month), the departure time was 6 A.M. and it was on flight 606. To Ron this was absolutely the best possible omen.

Since Ron did not particularly enjoy flying, his habit, was to arrive at KCI two hours early.  This allows him the luxury of checking in, getting comfortable, and talking to some of the other passengers on the flight.  This ritual allowed Ron to get into his personal comfort zone, which was a major part of his personality.  For whatever reason, this was not working today. Ron had a couple of pleasant conversations with other passenger, but with each passing minute Ron became more and more antsy and agitated. H e thought maybe he was coming down with something.  His stomach had gotten very upset and started doing flip flops.  Ron took some Tums to calm down his stomach.  He also took several aspirin, and then bought some Dramamine to prevent any motion sickness while on the flight.  Ron was not a particularly big drinker, but he also had a couple of drinks in an attempt to settle things down.

When Ron begins to start feeling like this it usually helps to meditate too.  Meditation can make him relax.  on desperately wanted to figure out what was going on, so he located a secluded area and sat down to meditate.  He had only been meditating for a few minutes when the P.A. system announced that Flight 606 was now loading and all handicapped and special needs passengers should line up at door “A”.

While gathering his gear together and getting in line at door “B”, along with the other non-special needs passengers,  Ron suddenly had the urge to run away.  He was scared to death and could hardly catch his breath.  Something was telling him to avoid Flight 606 at all cost. Ron had not been getting any major psychic vibes in years, but he got out of line and walked over to the reservation kiosk. He told the attendee that a personal crisis had just arose, and asked if he could possibly be booked on another flight, possibly one departing in the next hour or so?

Ron’s request was honored and he felt considerable relief but not complete relief.  Ron’s luggage was removed from Flight 696  then reloaded at the appropriate time to Flight 1502.

Ron telephoned his wife and explained what had happened and to let her know that he was catching a later flight.

“Please Ron, come home. Forget this meeting all together”, she begged.”

Ron assured her that everything was now okay.

“Ron, you don’t sound right. I don’t feel comfortable, at all, about this.”

“Don’t worry Babe. I’m just a little out of it because I’ve probably overdosed. I’ve had some aspirin, a double dose of Dramamine, and another passenger waiting with me has given me a Valium, and like an idiot I had two screwdrivers to drink.  It’s got me a pretty groggy and disoriented.  I think all of this is compounding the bad vibes about Flight 606, I’m still not quit feeling myself.”

They talked until departure was announced and Pam continued to beg him to come home and not take any flight today. Ron assured her that it would be okay.

The passengers loaded for flight 1502; Ron found his window seat over the left wing.  The plane taxied to the appropriate runway, and everyone waited for take-off.





The Air Traffic Controllers were continuing their conversations with the pilot of Flight 606.  It seems the alarms and gauges hand indicated fire on the forward left jet engines. The fire could not be located and the extinguishing systems had been activated. The pilot, copilot and tower decided that Flight 606 should return to the KCI to have the plane checked out.

“Tower to Flight 606,”

“606”, replied the pilot with little hesitation.

“You are cleared for approach on runway one-one on bearing   South by South West.”

“Copy that tower. Approaching on bearing South by South West. ETA two minutes. Fuel has been dumped and landing gears are down.  Still no visible sign of fire on the forward left engine,” replied the captain according to protocol.

“Flight 606 to Tower. Making our approach on runway one.”

“Tower to Flight 606,” shouting frantically.  “Pull up! Pull up! You are not clear on runway one. Pull up!” shouted the Air Traffic Controller.

Nothing could be done to alter the coming events. The next thing the Tower saw, heard and felt was a massive crash on runway One as Flight 606 clipped the left wing of Flight 1502.  Debris and fire shot in every direction. The scene was total panic and chaos. Grounds personnel, fire trucks, paramedics and airport officials all scrambled to the scene.

Remarkably there were very few injuries, and only one suspected death.

Airport Officials and First Responders looked with a blank stare of horror as they viewed the spot where Ron’s seat had once been.

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All stories should be considered FICTION whether true or not.