Jack Hamm (6 time long drive champion) driver (By Xfactor) Right Hand

This is a stock photo that does not look as good as the one we are welling.

Jack is a 6 time World Long Drive Champion.

We are selling his custom designed Driver, matching 3 Wood, the Jack Hamm’s book “Five Steps to Longer Drives”.

Here is a great deal on a great right handed driver and 3 Wood. This driver is in near mint condition, and the 3 Wood looks like it’s never been hit.

For anyone wanting the longest drives they can get; these are the clubs for you.  We encourage you to view Jam Hamm’s videos on Google.  It’s both educational and effective.  For the power hitters out there this exactly what you need.

We do not want to chase off any potential buyers, but let me give you an honest review.  We’ve had several folks hit this club and here is what we have found out.  If you are normally a big hitter and have good shoulder rotation this club and this book will certainly help you achieve longer drives.  However, if you are a senior like I am and have reduced shoulder turn do to arthritis or other problems, and if your strength has diminished we haven’t found that this driver won’t add anything to your drives.  BUT for the right person (a natural big hitter) this is exactly what you need.

It’s not remembered what these originally sold for, but the owner thinks that if was about $225.

We are selling all this for $75 including shipping and tax.  This price is less than the original selling price of the 3 Wood alone.

Be sure and let your family know that you want these clubs and book.