Men’s right hand Ping G-10 Driver and Matching 3 Wood (10.5 degree loft )


Stock Picture shows a 9 degree but we are selling the much preferred 10.5 degree loft.


The Ping G-10 with a 10.5 degree loft and the regular shaft have long been considered the ultimate in drivers.  And the perfect companion to it is the Ping G-10, 3 Wood.  (Soft/Regular Shaft)  We are selling BOTH, in a matched set.  What an opportunity.  According to the owner these used clubs are in very good playing condition and will serve your needs with every round you play.   The Driver has the factory Ping Grip and the 3 Wood has the Winn Soft Tack wrap look grip for softer contact when meeting the ground.  Your playing buddies will be impressed.

Both Clubs are selling for $95.00 including tax, shipping and handling.  Don’t delay, these won’t last.  Let your family know that you want them to order these for you.

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