September 10, 2017

This section is one of my personal favorites, and most of our viewers seem to agree.  We will be reviewing all sorts of equipment, both new additions to the game, and some old favorites too.  The staff will be providing most of the reviews, but anyone is more than welcome to send in anything they would like to discuss.  Not only welcome; but we hope you will join in.

You see, our opinion is that reviews written by every day golfers are frequently the most valuable.  The professionals, and the scratch golfers are looking for subtle nuisances and factors that will not be a factor with the average weekend golfer. Also the professionals and scratch golfers are likely to be hitting with club head speeds of 120 to 150 miles an hour rather than the 80 to 95 miles an hour that most weekenders hit at.

So, saddle up and have some fun with these reviews.  The average weekend golfer will spend between $500 and $1,000 a year on green fees, carts and equipment; and we want to help you in making the right choices with your golfing purchases. We don’t want you spending $200 on a driver that only a professional can get results from.

DISCLAIMER:  Please keep in mind that these reviews are OUR opinions, and are not based on anything other than OUR opinion.


Good golfing and great times