9-16-17 Polara…………………..Self Correcting Golf Balls



My review today is on the Polara self correcting golf balls. This can be purchased from Wal-Mart or ordered from polaragolf.com, but Wal-Mart is cheaper.

There are four balls to choose from depending on your preferences, and the Polara site will explain what the options are and what the purpose for the four different balls are. I purchased two dozen of the Ultra Straight balls that tout a 75% reduction in slicing. I figured that two dozen would be plenty to give the ball a fair evaluation. I decided to play a new ball every hole to see if there were any variance from ball to ball.

The instructions said that there is an indicator that lets the golfer know how the line the ball up on the tee to achieve the best results. Point the side stamp arrow at your target for optimal results. This area is also flattened out without any dimples. This is big part of what straightens out wayward shots.

Now is admit, I may not be the best person to do a review on the anti-splice feature of this ball since I am not much of a slicer when I play. I naturally his a very straight ball, and on occasion do hit a hook. I did everything I could to slice. I fell back on my swing, I softened up my grip considerably and even moved the ball back in my stance, but nothing I did caused the ball to slice. If my ball did travel to the right it was just a straight hit to the right, and not a banana curved slice.

The travel distance of the ball was within 5% of my more expensive name brand ball, and the control seemed more than adequate. I believe this ball will be an excellent choice for 90% of all golfers and I myself have no intention of using a different ball. The balls are reasonably priced, have good control, good distance, and a great deal fewer lost balls going out of bounds on the right into the scrub.