It Shouldn’t Take Long

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It Shouldn’t Take Long


John went to Overland Park Golf Course to work on his short game on the par 3 course.  It was a beautiful spring day and he’d already been around the par 3, 9 holes four or five times, and came up to the first hole again.  Much to his dismay there was a large group of women getting ready to tee off.

John politely asked if they would mind if he played through.  None of the women had any problem with this except one.  This lady was very hateful and asked  “Will it take long?”

“Well, it shouldn’t take long, there’s several of you and only one of me,” said John.

The pressure was on.  Several women watching intently, and by now two men had also shown up to watch.

The number one hole was 125 yards with a slight down hill lie.  John decided to hit a hard wedge.  There was a slight right to left wind, but not really enough to take into consideration, even though a little right to left break could be allowed for.   John took his stroke but frankly it didn’t feel  particularly sweet. John expected it to be at least 15 feet short of the hole.

The ball flew straight at the green with a low trajectory.  The ball landed about six fee from the cup and rolled up and fell in the cup.  John was so excited that he wanted to jump and scream and put on a full celebration.  But he didn’t.  He calmly looked over at the hateful lady and said,

“See, I told you it wouldn’t take long !”


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