Golfing Stories


Everyone who plays golf has their own reasons for enjoying the game.   For some people it’s the comradery, for some it’s the challenge of developing a skill level, and for others it is the amazing and funny things that happen out on the course.  This is a compilation of some amazing and funny stories.  I think every golfer will enjoy them.  Tom If you have a story you want to send us just click on the “What’s Up” button, when the page comes up Click on any post; go to the bottom where it says ” Leave A Reply ” and type in your story.

When most people talk about the supreme golfing achievement they are talking about a hole in one.  Golfers can also make other types of aces, and even an albatross.  (Which is three under par). Most of the events we’re going to be relaying are in these categories; but not all of them.  But whatever they are we’re sure you’ll enjoy them.

We are looking forward to posting Staff stories, but we are also anxious to post your favorite golf stories for everyone to enjoy also. Go to the bottom of the “What’s Up” section and type in your story, or email the typed stories to us to post.   Remember that we do have certain laws we must comply with and when we retype your stories these laws will come into play and your story may not appear exactly as you have sent it to us.  For ease of complying with certain legalities, we do not care how exact all of your facts, dates and names are……….We are listing all stories as FICTION.

Our address is in the About Us section. Please do not hesitate to send us your funny, embarrassing, and interesting stores to share with everyone.

Relax and sit back. Under this header we will be sharing lots of fun, exciting, amazing and sometimes unbelievable golf stories. We do not propose to validate the authenticity of what is conveyed in these stories so all stories are labeled as FICTION even though the vast majority of what is told is true. We just take the authors word for what they are telling us. It’s all about fun and sharing the excitement of golf and it doesn’t matter is all facts, names and dates are 100% accurate.

There will be stories from staff personnel, and there will be stories submitted by our readers. Names, dates, and locations will vary, but for simplicity of story telling in the majority of staff stories, the main character will most always be called “John”.

Let’s have some fun, but always remember;  these stories are undocumented and must be considered as FICTION. Not only are these stores undocumented, but please keep in mind that for legal purposes we must classify these as fiction because it is very possible that a date, name, location or any number of other facts could be incorrectly or accidentally stated.


Again, sit back and enjoy.