The Worlds Most Amazing Golf Story

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People will tell lots and lots of golf stories.  And I have heard more than I can recount, but this has got to be the Worlds Most Amazing Golf Story ever.

John was living in a suburb of Kansas City, (Overland Park, Ks) and working as an inventory clerk for a small medical equipment company.  He, Chuck, Chuck and Bob formed their own little 9 hole Wednesday evening golf league, at Swope Park #2 Golf Course, also known as Little Blue because it ran along the Little Blue river.  John was a pretty fair golfer.  He claimed to be a 10 handicap, but in all reality he was probably more like a six.

Now, to use John’s own words, Chuck, Chuck and Bob were the three worst golfers in the history of golf. They were so bad that John quickly adopted the max 10 rule.  No matter what the three were laying, they picked up their ball and quit that hole after 10 strokes, and took a 10 on the score card.  If they didn’t do this they’d be shooting 180 (or worse) for nine holes. John couldn’t even believe they could possibly have any interest in playing golf considering how horrible they were.

So, now that you know we’re not talking about top PGA players here you can better appreciate this story.

It’s not known what the stroke count for each golfer was, but what is important to know is that each of these three were anywhere from 75 yards to as much as 150 yards from the green.  Bob was the farthest one out.  He took his shot.  It landed on the right side of the green and broke left and into the cup.  Everyone was flabbergasted. Hoots and hollers all around. Bob was jubilant.

Next to hit was Chuck. He hit and had the same exact results. None of the group could contain themselves.

Next to hit was the other Chuck.  From about 75 yards out he pulled out his 9 iron, skulled it really badly.  The ball worm burned up to the right side of the green, then broke left into the cup. No one could believe that all three of these guys had holed out from out in the fairway.

Now, John was really feeling the pressure. He had never felt such pressure while playing  golf.  After all, he’s supposed to be the premier golfer.  He had never felt such pressure, especially since he was only 35 yards off the green.  He was shaking and the club felt like he had absolutely no control over it.  John took a soft wedge shoot to the right side of the green.  It bounced, broke left and rimmed around the hole and fell in the cup.  Three of the worlds worst golfers and John; and all four went into the cup from the fairway.  I have no idea of what the odds are against this.  It’s got to be at least a billion to one.



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Staff Note:  All facts, dates and names are to be considered as FICTION weather they are true or not.