Tomahawk Hills, Number 9 in Shawnee, Ks


John was playing at Tomahawk Hills Golf Course in Shawnee, Kansas with two of his friends Terry and Jerry.  Also playing was Stu, who was one of Jerry’s clients.  The 9th hole is an elevated shot off of a steep high cliff.  This is a 170 yard shot, but plays much shorter because of the 100 to 150 yard drop.


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Tomahawk Hills number 9, in Shawnee, Kansas


John never feels comfortable with his club selection on this hole because of all the variables. Should he hit a mid iron like everyone else, or should he hid his 7 Wood, or 9 Wood depending on the winds that day.  He’s had times that his 7 Wood was short, and he’s had times when it went way over the green and into the creek that is a good 20 or 30 yards behind the green.

John decided to take the 7 Wood and choke down on it a little, and just take a nice smooth stoke.  The ball flew high and headed straight for the green. Jerry and Stu were talking shop, and not paying any attention to John’s hit, but Terry was watching.

Now, John’s eyes are getting a little weaker since he’s getting older, and he could see the green and the flag, but that was it.  He couldn’t see when the ball hit the green.  Terry has good strong eyes and could see it the ball and where it was going, and it was going straight for the hole.  Terry began screaming and shouting and dancing around. He was really excited. He began hollering that the ball was going into the hole.  This was the first hole in one that Terry had ever seen even though he’d been playing golf for over 25 years.

Terry was much more excited than John was.  John had not seen the ball go in the hole, he wasn’t sure that he believed Terry since Terry was known as a joker, and this was the 9th hole in one that John had gotten in his golfing career.  The irony was not lost on John; he had gotten his 9th hole in one on the 9th hole.

Again, because Terry was known as such a joker, neither Jerry nor Stu believed that John had gotten a hole in one.  It wasn’t until the four of them had gotten off the cliff and down to the green that Jerry and Stu saw John’s ball was in the hole.  Lots of congratulations, pats on the back and pictures on the cell phones.

The round continued until the men got to the 18th hole.  The 9th and the 18th holes are pretty much identical and are considered Tomahawks signature holes.  This time everyone was watching closely.  Jerry and Stu were not about to miss another hole in one.  After all, John did have a reputation for getting them.

John tees his ball low and selects the same 7 Wood that he had used on the 9th and decides to do everything the same way he had on the 9th.  Off goes the ball, straight at the green and flying high.

Jerry starts yelling,  “Oh shit, Oh shit, he’s going to do it again.”

The ball hits the green about four inches from the front of the cup, and stuck right where it hit.  Not even a fraction of an inch of roll.  It never had a chance of rolling to the cup.

Close, but no cigar.


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