Unpublished Manuscripts


Golfers are multidimensional people. Our entertainment and recreational pleasure may evolve around golf, but let’s face it, golf is not our entire life. We have interests in the humanities, art, comedy, home improvements, cars, and hundreds of other topics too.

Unpublished Manuscripts should provide lots of good reading hours on many many subjects. We request that anyone wishing to submit their writings to us to do so in this section. They can have their names published along with the writing, or they can remain anonymous if they choose to do so.

We will possibly edit your work for any number of reasons, and you do not need to use any real names unless you choose to. Even if you choose not to have your name posted with your work, we will keep your name on record just in case some agent or publisher wishes to contact you regarding publishing your work. Who knows; we might have a budding author that might make some money off this.

So, get with it. Send us your work and we’ll share it with our readers.

It’s simple to send us your stories. Go to the What’s Up Section. Click on any story,scroll down to the “Leave A Message” box, then copy and past your story. Or if it’s simpler for you, you can email your complete story to us at asliceofgolf@gmail.com Keep in my that portions may have to be changed by our staff to comply with certain laws and criteria. Because some facts, dates, names or locations may not be 100% accurate we are labeling all stories and articles as FICTION whether true or not.

All works on this Blog are copyrighted.

Let’s have fun, and don’t forget…………you never know what publisher might see your story here.